The POWER OF INTENTION in Feng Shui..!

The POWER OF INTENTION in Feng Shui..!

Dear Suzee,

I want to share with you that since our conversation, I have not been the same person. I have been sharing my experience to anyone who cares to listen, because of how it transformed me.

The transformation came to me because I BELIEVED and TRUSTED in the message I received in the intentions segment of my consultation- and without effort, I arrived at a place where there is just amazing excitement for my life and creativity and who I am, and all doubts vanished. As you know, I cried through all nine of your channeled INTENTIONS. It caught me by utter surprise how powerful they are and how deeply I was touched.

I’ve met with my real estate broker to set some very aggressive goals that’s about creating a “successful life” (on top of successful career/finances, also family/relationships, faith, fitness and fun).  I have incredible excitement for what will be revealed to me in 2019. 

Suzee, I’m going to show up for my life bigger than ever and never play small again. I have transformed inside and out.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world, and with me. You’ve changed me and Feng Shui has changed me-  in less than a week!!!

I’m sending you love and my gratitude. 


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NOTE:  Amy is the young lady who Feng Shui’d her apartment and patio deck – Gua by Gua.  She is already enjoying a SENSATIONAL AND PHENOMENAL – personal and professional year.


    for showing-up LARGE IN LIFE, and for making a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in this world,

Suzee Miller



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